Time for government to step up and solve RCMP’s culture problem, ex-member says


OTTAWA — A former RCMP officer and group spokesman for many Mounties says a former member who reportedly took her own life won’t be the last if changes aren’t made soon.

Rob Creasser of the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada says the force has had dozens of opportunities to change its “toxic” culture — but he places a lot of blame on the federal government.

Creasser says the government has failed to act on reports commissioned about the RCMP’s workplace, and he accuses the government of “doing nothing.”

The former RCMP member’s comments come days after Krista Carle reportedly took her life.

Carle spoke out against harassment in the RCMP in hopes of changing the culture for herself, as well as for other female members of the force.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has repeatedly said there is zero tolerance for harassment and bullying in the force and has made it clear that the culture needs to change.

The Canadian Press