Truck Hits A House on Pim Street.


The driver of the red truck (as seen in video) was taken to Sault Area Hospital with non life-threatening injuries around 7:20 pm tonight.

Sault Police Service, Sault Fire Service, and Sault EMS paramedics responded to the scene.

photo by Mike Chikoski/ Superior Media.


photo by Mike Chikoski/ Superior Media.


  1. I was astounded by the amount of vehicles who did not pull over, or stop. We were traveling down Great Northern Road towards where this incident on Wellington. Emergency vehicles of all kinds – ambulance, fire trucks, and police cars were all coming from GNR, and along our travels the emergency vehicles had to maneuver quite a bit through traffic.
    Once at the bottom of Pim/Wellington, there were Emergency vehicles trying to get through the traffic and again, vehicles on Wellington were not stopping, and many vehicles made no effort to make any room for them to squeeze through. We had to drive over a curb and almost got hit by a vehicle that didn’t stop just to let a police car through – with lights on!
    Emergency vehicles should be equipped with video recorders and send people a fine in the mail for not pulling over.

    • You are correct. I have noticed that problem for some time now. People have to stop and think how they would feel if they needed an emergency vehicle and it was delayed by inconsiderate motorists.

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