Unique Learning Hub slated to open in early 2019 at former Alexander Henry HS site.

Design for the renovation, currently underway - Boreal French Immersion School, ADSB. photo courtesy Algoma District School Board.

The Algoma District School Board (ADSB), the Sault Ste. Marie Public Library and the City of Sault Ste. Marie are pleased to confirm that they have signed a lease agreement that officially creates a unique learning hub at the Algoma District School Board’s newly renovated Boréal French Immersion Public School site, located at 232 Northern Ave (formerly Alexander Henry High School).

Algoma District School Board embarked on a major construction project in 2016, repurposing the former secondary school into two updated structures. Boréal French Immersion (FI) Public School will welcome approximately 500 students and staff through the doors this September and houses a daycare, operated by the YMCA.

The community hub will house a branch of the Sault Ste. Marie Public Library, the ADSB Plant Department and the Algoma Huron-Superior Transportation Services (AHSTS).

School boards, government agencies, community partners and municipalities are always
looking for more efficient ways to deliver the quality services that taxpayers expect. By
consolidating a public school, a daycare, a library branch and a community archive into one
location, the ADSB and the SSM Public Library Board have found a valuable way to save
money and expand their services to Sault Ste Marie.

In a presentation made to the City of SSM in 2016, at the beginning stages of the partnership, ADSB Director of Education Lucia Reece said, “Sharing this location does not just make economic sense, but it provides a focus on literacy, learning and education that is much needed in our community. The potential for sharing spaces and resources as well as the opportunities for programming, special literacy events and family-oriented services areplentiful.”

Acting CEO/Director of Public Libraries, Matthew MacDonald shared the following, “Library
spaces are unique because they are one of the few spaces available that are open to
everyone in the community. Within these spaces, people of all ages are learning,
creating, sharing and collaborating. This new branch location will allow for expanded
collections, enhanced programming, and a larger space in which to gather and learn. The
branch’s proximity to the Boreal French Immersion Public School affords the Library
even greater opportunities to reach our community’s youth. The Library is, and forever
will be, our past and our future. One stop… endless possibilities.”

Being situated on a popular bus route, and in one of the fastest growing areas of the city, all involved are excited about what the space will provide. With the new location, the library will now have sufficient space to grow their vital archives collections, to display valuable historic artifacts and papers for future generations to remember the history of the community.

The new branch location is anticipated to open early 2019. The library will be launching a
fundraising campaign this summer to help furnish and purchase new materials for the library. A grand opening will occur with dates to be confirmed in the near future.

To read about the process and how things got started in the transformation of the former Alexander Henry HS site, go here: http://www.adsb.on.ca/community/Site%20Assets/SitePages/BorealFIPublic/Boreal%20Final%20Approval_FINAL.pdf