What the Ratepayers Association request and require from the next municipal council


The Sault Association of Ratepayers is an informal organized gathering of community members who are interested in enriching their lives by engaging in municipal affairs.

Their goal is to ensure the local municipal candidates for City Council are accountable and engage in transparency as set forth in the Municipal Act.  They as an association of ratepayers will be involved in the 2018 Municipal election.

Is this community and council candidates up to the challenge?

What ratepayers request and require from our next municipal council

Promote conditions advantageous for growth, investment and prosperity

·                 Drive out cultures of fear and entitlement through inclusive Continuous Improvement

·                 Lower property, industrial and commercial tax rates

·                 Efficiency in stewardship

·                 Effective working relationships with higher levels of government

Open, active, responsive, transparent and accountable governance

·                 Conduct an independent line by line fiscal audit

·                 Comprehensive review of the following with the inclusion of public input:

o       By-law appointing Integrity Commissioner, Auditor General, Lobby Registry / Registrar and Municipal Ombudsman

o       Current Code of Conduct

o       Agenda Review Process

o       All Municipal administrative and financial policies, practice, and procedures

o       Variances between procedural bylaw and council practices that are not contained within a procedural bylaw

·                 Financial review focused on accounting system software; temporary and long-term borrowing; budgets; cash management; council remuneration and expenses report; financial reports to council; municipal property taxation; and user fees.

·                 Procedural bylaw review and inclusion into policies required under section 270(1) of the Municipal Act, 2001, such as the sale and disposition of land, hiring of employees, procurement, notice; and delegation of powers and duties; other policies related to accountability or transparency including code of conduct, complaints, records retention

·                 Public review and inclusion into policies of public tender process

Define Core Services within the Municipality

·                 Engage public input to clearly define what they see as core services

Inclusive Continuous Improvement

·                 Seek to maximize resources while minimizing waste and error

·                 Solicit input from those working within the system on how to improve

·                 Set up continuous improvement teams in all applicable areas

o       Corporation of the City of Sault Ste. Marie

o       Each service (Police, Fire, transit, etc.)

o       Semi-autonomous corporations (PUC, EDC, etc.)

·                 Apply proper C.I. Techniques to develop action plans for improvement


P.U.C. Services

·                 Review of the agreement between the Corporations of Sault Ste Marie and PUC services

Their goal to uphold the very best of what ratepayers should expect in their representatives. The question is this community and candidates up to the challenge?

Want to get involved? Looking to volunteer your time Contact, like and share on Face Book – https://www.facebook.com/saultratepayers/ or email at [email protected] or by phone 705-253-2645




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