Appearing in Bail Court

Police Arrest

Three people will appear in bail court today following their arrest on Thursday August 2nd.

36 year old Henry Cadreau of James Street was arrested and charged with multiple offences.  It is alleged that on July 21st the accused took a bicycle from a rack outside of a Bay St.  business and left with it. At the time of his arrest, Cadreau was found to be in possession of 2 rounds of 22 caliber ammunition and a white substance believed to be crack cocaine.

Cadreau was bound by 2 weapon prohibition orders that include a condition that he not possesses ammunition, a probation order that includes a condition that he keep the peace and a recognizance that includes a condition that he not possess or consume unlawful drugs or substances.

Cadreau was charged with:

One count of theft under $5,000

2 counts of breach of probation,

One count of possession of a controlled substance,

One count of breach of recognizance, and;

2 counts of possession of ammunition in contravention of a court order.

23 year old Jesse Thorne of Amber Street was arrested and charged with 2 counts of operating a motor vehicle while disqualified and resisting arrest.

At about 6:30 p.m. officers saw Thorne operating a motor vehicle on Railroad Avenue.  Officers knew the accused to be a disqualified driver and they initiated a traffic stop.  The accused did not stop the vehicle immediately and instead slowed down and turned a corner.  When the vehicle turned the driver and a passenger in the front of the vehicle switched places before the vehicle came to a complete stop.

Once the vehicle was stopped officers approached and the other person exited the vehicle.  Officers advised the accused that he was under arrest and he refused to exit the vehicle.  Thorne engaged in a brief altercation with officers before they were able to safely take him into custody.

A 23 year old female was arrested and charged with one count of assault. It is alleged that the accused punched and kicked her boyfriend when a verbal argument escalated into a physical altercation.

The victim then left the scene and contacted police.