A Labour Day Message From Rory Ring Candidate for Mayor

Rory Ring, CEO, Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce.

As the summer winds down and we busy ourselves with preparing for the coming fall season, it’s an ideal time to reflect on the days that have passed. Labour Day, the annual holiday that celebrates the contributions that workers have made to the prosperity, laws and well-being of our country, has its origins in the labour union movement. A movement that brought about the foundational pillar in our society of balance between work, recreation and rest.

The men and women of Algoma should be recognized for the support they gave to their leadership during the restructuring process. The local leadership achieved an excellent outcome under what undoubtedly were very stressful conditions and they should be commended.  The results are not simply indicative of the support they gave their leadership but also that they know how to choose effective leadership.

The Greyhounds and their management are deserving of our appreciation for providing an historic season of excellent hockey entertainment and for being an organization that values building their people as much as they value winning. They have been a team where so many hockey greats learned some of the finer points of the game. Mr. Dubas and Mr. Bannister being not the least of them.

ARCH hospice, the Finnish Rest Home and the Neighborhood Resource Centre all helped to make the Sault a better place for many families by building out programs or facilities over the last year. They all provide supports for those at difficult and transition points in their lives. Each of them vital to our social fabric.

So many people worked so very hard to help make our community a better place over so many years. We need to look forward to the future, as a united community, to work toward rebuilding the sense of pride, stability and opportunity that for so many years have been in such short supply.

Labour Day is a day to recognize the hard work of so many who came before us to build upon what was, in order to create a brighter, better future.  As you prepare for the coming autumn, think about what next autumn can be like, with hard work, resourcefulness, and ingenuity. We can bring back that deep sense of pride and that feeling you get when there is the anticipation of a brighter, better future.

All the best,

Rory Ring, MBA

Mayoral Candidate


  1. The Folly Of The Merry-Go-Round Direction

    Every time an upcoming election is in the works, I cringe at all the phoniness that I expect will prevail amidst serious local public issues .

    They did not just start in recent months. Not in reality and truth. Instead have been present for decades considered so it seems to me an acceptable norm by far too many.

    Definitely in my public assessment and political analysis .

    Ms. Marisa Belsito DiBerardino

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