ADSB Shares Insight on Children and Mental Health


Darryl Fillmore, Mental Health Lead at ADSB and Blythe Servant, Early Years System Administrator at ADSB, share some insight on how parents can prepare their children – and themselves – for starting Kindergarten.

And these two professionals have shared a number of different ways to make that transition in September as smooth as possible.

In addition to helping create a regular routine both at home and at school, Fillmore and Servant encourage parents to remember it isn’t about eliminating a child’s anxiety, but helping a child to manage it. He said anxiety is totally normal and as parents, we cannot avoid topics and things that cause anxiety just because we don’t want to see the child unhappy. Reinforcing realistic expectations and assisting the child in finding healthy coping mechanisms will help them to grow mentally healthy.

Fillmore said a number one problem that prevents a child from developing and experiencing school with as little anxiety as possible is helicopter parents. Helping children prepare for the lessons that they will need to succeed in life means they need to be exposed to the world around them.

For perspective, Fillmore recommends you watch this video, which shows the experience through the eyes of a child.