An Evening at the Norgoma Night Market


The Norgoma is known as a tourist attraction to many Sooites. The large docked vessel at Bondar Marina has certainly had its share of ups and downs.

All that aside, the Board of the Marine Heritage Centre are working to breathe some life into the Norgoma. One such idea is a night market.

ONNtv’s Alex Parr headed down to the Norgoma to see what the Night Market was all about. It’s hosted every Thursday in July and August from 5-9 pm and is based on a ‘pay what you can’ system. There are no set prices on any of the vendors items.

Items include fresh local produce from Sault Farmers, vintage clothes, records, books and more.

With different vendors in each week, the inventory always changes. Make sure to check it out before August comes to a close.