Another Long Weekend Gas Gouge


If you didn’t fill up yesterday, you may be wishing you did. As with all long weekends,  the price at the pumps goes up and this long weekend is no exception.

Most gas stations in Sault Ste. Marie increased prices for unleaded fuel to $1.375  up from $1.295 yesterday.

Today’s increase marks the fourth time in four months that prices have gone up and only being reduced by fractions of a penny before the next long weekend on the calendar.

Gas and oil analyst say prices head up over long weekends due to supply and demand. The average price of fuel in Ontario as of noon today is $1.32 a litre.

A year ago gas prices in Sault Ste. Marie sat at $1.05 a litre.

Ontario premier Doug Ford promised that a ten cent a litre drop was coming for Ontario drivers during his election campaign this past June.

Gas and oil analyst warn that prices are likely to go up this fall as refineries change over from summer gas to winter gas.


  1. Easy fix…….just quit buying and stay home
    Economy will stagnate , gas will go sour , oil companies and share holders will lose a shitload of money and then you will see big changes
    Swallow the big pill now and just sit back and wait for the cure

  2. $121.2 here in Vars and a few stations in Ottawa. Funny that just off the 417 it’s 130.9 but a block farther away it’s .09 less.
    Who knew that you could milk sheep?

  3. It is time for Mr. Romano to get after FORD for that 10 cent reduction in gas prices he promised. Are you out there Mr. Romano or are you playing with the ring of fire?

  4. As if $6.00 per gallon for regular gas isn’t enough. Congratulations to McGouger Fuels for the nice gouging they continue to give us. I will continue to buy my gasoline across the river as long as this BS continues.

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