Bernier should decide if he wants Trudeau to win next election, Rempel says


OTTAWA — Conservative MP Michelle Rempel wants maverick caucus colleague Maxime Bernier to make up his mind about whether he wants his own party or Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to win the next federal election.

Rempel was responding to a fresh batch of tweets from the Quebec MP calling on Canada to admit fewer immigrants and blasting his fellow Tories for telling him to “shut up.”

Rempel, the Conservative immigration critic, today unveiled her party’s policy platform on immigration, as well as plans for a national tour to hear Canadian views on the subject.

But try as she might to focus the discussion on policy, Rempel and fellow Tory MP Gerard Deltell were instead peppered with questions about Bernier’s latest brazen display of open defiance and whether leader Andrew Scheer should remove him from caucus.

Rempel says the Conservative party welcomes open debate, noting she herself has publicly differed with her party in the past without facing calls to be kicked out.

But she says as Bernier continues to share his views on Twitter, he needs to think about who he wants to win the next election, currently scheduled for October 2019.

The Canadian Press