Catch The Ace – Still in Play. OMG


The line-up of people started early this afternoon as folks waited for their chance to purchase tickets for Catch the Ace at the George Wellington Esquire Club.

At 9:30 pm, the packed clubhouse, parking lot, patio area and general vicinity of the Esquire Club was absolutely humming with excitement again this week. There’s really no other way to put it. The air is absolutely energized with positive excitement.


The nights jackpot winners Jenn, Vanessa, Angie and April spoke with ONNtv’s Alex Parr right after they won over $30,000. They didn’t pull the Ace of Spades – so it’s another week of anticipation ahead.

The Progressive Jackpot now sits at a whopping $224,962.50

Tune in to ONNtv tomorrow evening for the 6 pm news. Alex Parr will have an updated story on an event that has really brought people together. The crowd is always in good spirits and people are finding community along the sidewalk as they line-up in lawn chairs and dream for a while about winning a tidy little sum.

Monies raised through the Catch the Ace event are heading to a variety of local charities.