CLA Executive Director Talks ODSP Cut Implications for Sault


Community Living Algoma’s Executive Director John Policicchio joined us in the ONNtv studios to share his perspective on Premier Doug Ford’s proposed cuts to the Ontario Disability Services Program.

From a developmental sector standpoint, Policicchio is concerned that cuts to ODSP and social assistance will be the trend moving forward with the Tory government.

However, he noted that while the previous Liberal government made some positive strides forward, it was by no means a perfect situation.

Policicchio is hopeful that the PCs will make meaningful changes to assist more people in Ontario and specifically in Sault Ste. Marie to sit above the poverty line and make meaningful reform to social assistance in Ontario in one hundred days as they have suggested.

For CLA’s full press release and statement, click here.



  1. Thanks for this. I wish big media would cover it like you guys had here in this Interview. People don’t see that being a big cut but it’s a massive cut for people on ODSP. People don’t understand that a lot of people don’t have money for extra’s like some fruit or vegetables in their diet. This could of gotten 3-4 loafs of bread for example.

    Also spot on that we need to fix the system. Takes someone 2 years + to get on. It also does not help people who are Disabled and unable to work but rather rot away in a basement not able to be part of a community because they don’t have any money in their name a lot not evening able to afford Internet.

    The way people act it’s like oh they should get a job… Well ODSP about people who can’t work because of their disabilities and this is the whole point of it.

    • This is a Cut. People had planned to get 3% and now it’s been cut in half. Any other way of explaining it and making it positive sounding is just someone who is hating people who are suffering from this.

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