Don Mitchell Talks Municipal Election


A well known business man in Sault Ste Marie has decided he’s going to run in Ward 1 for city council in the upcoming October Municipal election.

Don Mitchell says he’ll focus on the business community and wants an inside look at how council works.  ONN TV’s Lou-Anne Young has more.


  1. Please explain, Mr. Mitchell, how the EDC turns $1.7 mllion property tax dollars into $3.6 million property tax dollars every year? I’m not seeing it.

    Unless you’re talking about $3.6 million in “economic activity”, and not in property tax dollars? Then again one McDonalds restaurant can take in $1.7 million dollars and turn it into $20 million dollars of “economic activity”, and they pay property taxes.

    Maybe the city should just buy a McDonalds and let the EDC go. It seems like a much better business investment.

  2. Thank Goodness Don, after you are successful as alderman PLEASE BE OUR MAYOR !!! I would love to share my experience here with you.

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