Feeding Your Soul Cafe – A place of inspiration and nourishment.


A really lovely space exists in the north central area of the city where a person can find nourishment, gather with friends or come on your own.

Feeding Your Soul Cafe opened in September, 2017, with an intentional message – food rich in healthy nutrients, served in tasty ways, will support mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

And at the end of the day – isn’t that what we are all striving for?

Mary Greenwood is the inspiration behind Feeding Your Soul. In the video above, Mary shares some of the menu items and ingredients used to create her evolving menu.

Mary’s courtyard garden produce finds its way onto plates and gluten-free recipes are the norm – not the exception.

Some recipes incorporate almond cheese, straight from the source – Aimee Woods, Nutty Cheese, located right next door to Feeding Your Soul Cafe. Watch for an upcoming feature about Nutty Cheese soon on Saultonline.com.

Explore the photo gallery for a peak inside – and outside – of Feeding Your Soul Cafe.

Feeding Your Soul Cafe is located at 96 White Oaks Drive (just off Sackville).

Open: 8 – 4 Monday thru Friday.

Special events are entirely possible, including ‘Paint Nite’ potentially happening this fall.

Swing by and say hello to Mary Greenwood. And maybe try the black bean burger – recommended highly by ‘The Crane Institute’s’, Rob Rattle.

You can reach Feeding Your Soul Cafe here: (705) 943-1685

On facebook here:https://www.facebook.com/entertainingtastes/

A person will find several reasons to swing by ‘Feeding Your Soul Cafe’ after a visit to the Facebook page. Mary posts her menu to facebook, so check out the incredible edibles there too – like this tasty original pictured below.  Bon Appetite.

Spinach Feta Quinoa Crusted Quiche. Hot out of the oven – picture via Feeding Your Soul on Facebook.


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