I Choose… Newfoundland


Starting the very first day of my 48th year on this planet, I stepped off the plane in Newfoundland. I had taken myself on a birthday celebration, mini vacation, on the spur of the moment, while visiting family in Ottawa. With a cheap seat sale via Porter, I emerged onto a province that I had never ventured to before. Within five days, I had purchased a house on the Atlantic Ocean.

Most are wondering why Newfoundland. Sometimes while we are going through life adversity, we make decisions that may seem drastic to some. To others, like me, who thrive on change, variety, spontaneity and adventure, this is par for the course.

My daughter and her spouse decided that they were moving there with their children. He has applied to a specialty trade course at the college there, he has family there and his family has spent years of summers in this quaint Atlantic town. His family owns acreage there as well, so it seemed like the perfect fit.

Since my life has been a bit upside down lately, I am in the middle of teaching and speaking contracts, awaiting kidney surgery and up for the challenge, I decided that I would go with them, to at least get them settled. They also received a shock of their lives with twins on the way, so I will be a very busy grandma with four little ones, aged three and under with three babies who will all have a birthday in the same year!

Our View

Since buying a house was at least a third of the price of renting a house, it all makes perfect sense. I figured that I have already owned 16 houses in my lifetime so far; I may as well buy another one! For practically the price of a new car, I picked up a fixer-upper 1672 square foot, 5 bedroom (technically 6 bedroom), 2 kitchen, 2 bathrooms, fully furnished house that overlooks the Altantic Ocean.

The house is frozen in a previous generation, super clean, non-smoking, no pets and oozing charm. It needs updating, TLC, and imagination, especially considering it comes with a several hundred pound original, mint condition organ, moose antlers, antique laundry wash board, bright yellow kitchen cupboards, a blue toilet and plush green stair carpet.

Newfoundland represents the opportunity to be with my daughter and grandchildren, nature, beauty, exploration, adventure, travel and remodelling this new Atlantic Ocean home (which was advertised as a potential bed and breakfast).

I am in love with the character of the place, it is a very affordable investment, Newfoundland is only a few hour plane ride from Ottawa or Toronto and the ferry crossing between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland is less than a minute from the house. Besides, it will take me months to fully explore and take photos of the scenery, natural wonders, tourist sights and Provincial Parks and then write about it.

We are beyond excited for this unique venture, as I am headed on a four day drive and ferry ride to Newfoundland with the family belongings, this weekend. The rest of the gang will be flying out and meeting me on the closing date of the house. I know we are up for quite a challenge, but we life is much too short to turn down such adventures…