Irregular asylum claims go up in July after two months of decline


OTTAWA — The number of irregular border crossers in Canada went up in July after two months of decline.

Newly published federal data shows a total of 1,634 irregular migrants were apprehended by RCMP between official border crossings last month.

That’s 371 more than the number of people who crossed irregularly into Canada in June.

The numbers had been slowly decreasing since May — a downward trend the federal government has attributed to its outreach efforts as it continues to try to send the message that crossing the Canada-U.S. border at non-official entry points is not a free ticket into Canada.

Despite last month’s increase, the monthly totals of are still lower than those in March and April and represent half the number of people who arrived in July of last year.

So far this year, a total of 12,378 individuals entered Canada irregularly and have filed asylum claims.


The Canadian Press