It’s Pumping Power to the Grid


Algoma announced today that just four months after its acquisition of its neighbouring combined heat and power plant (formerly Lake Superior Power Plant), the idled facility is back online supplying power to Algoma’s power grid. August 1st, 2018 marked its first day of production, generating 32 MW of power just in time to meet summer’s peak power requirements.

Algoma CEO Kalyan Ghosh commented on the development, “The redundancy this facility will
provide as several of our existing assets approach end of life is of critical importance. Not only does it give Algoma the capability to satisfy its peak power requirements, but it significantly enhances our reliability as we look to ramp up plate production to meet domestic demand.”

The combined heat and power plant has capacity to increase output to 110MW with the addition of a second gas turbine. Initially, the facility will operate intermittently, supplementing Algoma’s current supply of power and steam for the steelworks operation.


  1. Trump wants to play hardball, just turn off the power to the entire state of NY, once a NAFTA deal is reached we’ll turn it back on…Bet he sees things our way real quick!

  2. Tell me about it! And to add insult to injury what about these crazy time of use charges? It is just another massive money grab.
    I could see this if there was a severe shortage of power, not the total opposite, far more power than we could ever need or use and giving it away for next to nothing while our bills remain ridiculously high. Why can’t we have the dirt cheap power and charge the United States the high prices instead? How I wish I was off-grid!

    • the power generated from this facility was always cheaper than solar or wind. It was mothballed because of the sweetheart deals made with liberal backed solar and wind suppliers.

  3. We are supposed to believe that this power is needed?
    If this is the case then why do we dump the majority of Ontario’s power to the US for pennies on the dollar while we continue to get hosed?

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