Justin Trudeau defends accusing heckler of racism


Ottawa: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending his treatment of a Quebec woman he accused of racism, calling hate speech and the politics of division a “dangerous path” for Canada.

At a news conference today outside Ottawa, Trudeau was asked whether he went too far when he told a woman heckling him at a rally Sunday in Quebec that her “racism has no place” in Canada.

During the rally, the woman was shouting questions in French at Trudeau, asking him when the federal government would repay Quebec for costs it has incurred as a result of an influx of “illegal immigrants” coming over the Canada-U.S. border.



  1. Justin is more interested in allowing illegals to enter the country unabated, then resolving the poverty problem for seniors. If he had more Mr Dressup cloths available he’d be wearing another costume with a photo op.

  2. What if we believe it is a crisis are we racist,or we should help the homeless or impoverished that lived here all their life am i racist, or exemptions like buying a gun at cabellas wearing full facial burka without a picture id am i racist,or giving pensioners more money that paid taxes all their life am i racist, or that accepting the “new norm” of terrorism acts, as a taxpayer i believe i have the right to say where my tax dollars go

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