Mid-Afternoon Collision at busy Intersection

photo by SaultOnline.com staff

Superior Media has learned that an accident has happened (3:45 pm) near the intersection of 2nd Line and Great Northern Rd.

Citizens traveling in the area may experience traffic disruptions while police investigate at the scene.

There are currently no reports of serious injuries. We will update the story when information becomes available.


  1. Concerned citizens about this whole northern corridor should be shopping in other areas of the city which has the same services and boycott this boondoggle of city planning. Time to clean up the city’s planning department which has allowed this corridor to even be considered.

  2. If people would not be on their cellphones while driving the roads would be a safer place. I could sit on my front steps and 3 out of 5 drivers will be on their phone driving, it is unbelievable. Also drivers with dogs on their lap driving,really, leave fluffy at home or in the back seat at least!!! Where is the city ticket masters on this, causes more accidents than a truck overloaded smh

  3. Was out for 1 1/2 hours today taking care of errands . So many people in a hurry not paying attention , going way too fast , texting , talking , running lights , tailgating and making illegal turns . It is getting to the point i want to hug my loved ones when i leave to go across town because there is a chance you may not make it back !!!

    • the white line can be crossed on a green light, you ARE allowed to wait in the intersection till its clear to make a turn. The big issue is bad drivers with bad habits. The police should sit at this intersection and just hand out traffic tickets all day Long, it would bring in much needed funds for the city coffers There’s even a dounut shop close at hand if needed..

  4. Its funny how a small fender bender has become front page news. Must of been the only press release for the day.
    So much happens in this city but nobody hears anything because investigative journalism is a thing of the past.

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