Missing Teen Located


A Sault Ste. Marie teen that has been missing since  July 31 has been found.

Sault Ste. Marie Police Services report that 18 year old Nicholas Forbes was located yesterday evening.  The police didn’t give any further details.



  1. He’s safe. I read a few places that he was looking for a ride down south. Probably found one and didn’t call his parents to tell them he was there and safe for whatever reason.

  2. I’m glad he has been found, safe or not. I don’t know since there aren’t any details, but I think that when public assistance is requested, that we should also be given a small bit of info like if the lost who is now found is ok. Especially since this story sounded so horrible while looking for him. I got the impression for multi posts of the story that his life was in danger.

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