National Guard Training in Sault Michigan

National Guard Training
Photo by viewer, JB

Don’t be alarmed by the smoke and helicopters on the state side of the river.

If you’ve seen any military-style helicopters flying around the area, there’s nothing to worry about.

SaultOnline has been informed by the Sault Ste. Marie Michigan State Police that the National Guard is conducting training exercises at the St. Mary’s River. These have been taking place for the past two days.



  1. They are picking up landing craft and deploying them in the river downstream, they are burying everything in a cloud of dust for a square mile in around the lift zone from their prop wash. I think they should wet the area down as visibility is nil at times.

    • I would wager that the neighbors are not much impressed seeing their apartment complexes, vehicles, homes, and entire yards buried in a thick coat of dust!

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