Ontario Freezing Driver Fees


The Ontario government took the latest step to provide immediate relief for taxpayers and make life more affordable for Ontarians.

Today, Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Transportation John Yakabuski announced that Ontario is freezing a number of driver fees that were set to increase on September 1, 2018.

“People are fed up with paying more and more every time they need to renew their licence or take a driving test,” said Premier Ford. “This will make life more affordable for drivers right across the province. This is the latest example of our government putting money back where it belongs — in the pockets of hard-working Ontarians.”

The following fees are being frozen to directly benefit Ontario drivers and businesses:

Road and knowledge tests for all driver’s licence classes.
Fees to get and renew driver’s licences.

Product / Service Scheduled to  increase to Fee will remain at
New driver’s licence / 5-year driver’s licence renewal $97 $90
Knowledge test for G1, M1, driving instructor and air brake (Z endorsement) licences $16.25 $15.75
Knowledge test for A, B, C, D, E and F licences $24 $23.25
G1 and M1 exit road test $54.25 $52.50
G2, M2 and driving instructor exit road test $92.50 $89.25
A, B, C, D, E and F road test $100.25 $96.75


  1. It would be a much worse situation if the socialist libs had returned to office. It would be tenfold worse if the howling Horvathites had been elected. They are the communists looking to decimate this province. Make Ontario Great Again, go Doug, go.

  2. Keep the savings coming my way, every little bit of savings adds up, unlike the liberals who would have raised it to 97$ ,jnstead of everything going up a bit this premiere is trying to save us a couple bucks keep it going dougie

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