Opposition parties blast minister for ‘dangerous’ EpiPen shortage, demand a fix


OTTAWA — The federal opposition parties are calling on the Trudeau Liberals to address the shortage of life-saving epinephrine auto-injectors.

NDP health critic Don Davies says the government must ensure the injectors, known as EpiPens, are always available in sufficient supply.

And if that means threatening drug patent holders with the removal of their ability to sell into the Canadian market, Davies says so be it.

Drug giant Pfizer said this week that the EpiPens it produces are in short supply, with the potential that adult doses may not be available at all in August.

Critics warn the shortages could continue to happen because there is no requirement that manufacturers provide a consistent supply.

U.S.-based Pfizer produces EpiPens at a facility near St. Louis, Missouri, and there are no alternatives sold in Canada.

Health Canada says anyone who has an anaphylactic reaction but has only an expired EpiPen should use the expired product and immediately call 911.


The Canadian Press