Police forces warn of risks around online ‘Momo Challenge’


Police forces in two provinces are issuing warnings about a disturbing online challenge that encourages participants to complete dangerous tasks.

Police in Sudbury Ont., and Gatineau Que., say parents should be warning their children not to engage in the so-called “Momo Challenge.”

The challenge involves users receiving an invitation on social messaging platforms, including WhatsApp and Snapchat, to message an account called “Momo.” That account may then send disturbing images and instructions for various tasks, as well as threats about what will happen if they aren’t carried out.

Police in Sudbury say the account may threaten to access personal photos and information about a user or warn of a “curse” from “Momo.”

Police say the account should be blocked immediately and children should be advised never to send messages to someone they don’t know.

The Canada Safety Council says such “challenges” are preying on users’ gullibility and fears of the unknown.

The Canadian Press


  1. Parents need to monitor how their children are using social media. When they choose to ignore what their kids are doing or with whom they have contact, problems can result rather quickly. Pay attention and become involved with monitoring what your kids are doing with the social platform media. Much of it is detrimental to their well being.

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