PUC to Bring New Energy Project to Council


PUC will stand before council Monday night with a new energy-efficient proposal for the city of Sault Ste. Marie, the construction of a energy storage facility.

The CEMa (Customer Energy Management) Program is an initiative by PUC in partnership with Fluence – A Siemens and AES Company, and Ontario Storage LLC.

Once complete, the CEMa Project will be the largest of it’s kind in Canada. It’s designed to help Class A and Class B PUC customers manage their energy demand while saving them money and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Who are considered Class A and Class B customers?

Class A customers are businesses or commercial customers with an average peak demand of above 1MW This project will give them the opportunity to pay a global adjustment based on how much their peak demand use subsidizes to the provincial peak demand.

Class B customers are businesses or commercial customers with a peak demand of 50 kW and up to 5MW. They currently pay the global adjustment on their regular billing cycle, but with this program will save about 4-5 per cent.

This project will construct, and then connect, a 45MW/165MWh bulk energy storage facility to the distribution system in the Sault. This facility will store energy at off-peak times and discharge this energy into the system at on-peak (high demand) times. This will reduce the need for expensive peak generation while at the same time allowing Sault Ste. Marie businesses to keep a bit of extra cash in their pockets. By doing this, the Sault will become one of the most competitive business environments in Ontario for utility costs, while at the same time significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

There were 353 Class B customers at the PUC in 2017, mostly smaller manufacturers.

So, what are the benefits of this system?

  • There will be no upfront cost, fee, or “opt-in” – all you have to do is be a Class A or Class B PUC customer and you’re set.
  • Customer savings – Class A customers will save up to 20 per cent, while Class B will save 4-5 per cent on their electricity bills.
  • No Capital Investment – this program will be independently financed and paid for entirely by energy savings, and will not require any investment from PUC or the city of Sault Ste. Marie.

The project is set to begin in May of 2019.

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  1. Why keep raising rates just to keep spending. I think its time to freeze all unnecessary spending. Never once have I ever seen a project save anyone money.

  2. Let us fix your water they said. They fixed our water alright!
    We’ve been buying bottled water ever since that fiasco began.
    The guy responsible for this disaster conveniently disappeared shortly after with a big fat pension. He should be paying for our bottled water.
    How can they screw this one up?, I bet they will find a way.

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