Retired CSCNO Teacher Recognized for Outstanding Volunteer Work


Retired CSCNO teacher recognized for outstanding volunteer work

Ms. Micheline Findlay, retired teacher from Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario’s École Notre-Dame-du-Sault (Sault-Ste-Marie) received, on August 13, the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteering.

This medal recognizes the exceptional volunteer achievements of Canadians from across the country in a wide range of fields. Ms. Findlay was recognized for her contributions to her school, her community and her church.

Notably, she is involved in the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay For Life and Easter Seals.

She also takes part in various fundraising activities during the holiday season and is part of a project that has created a partnership between a local school and a school in Kenya.




  1. I really have a problem with public awards from within the system after a certain stage of development though I know it is so common in the World.

    Ms. Belsito DiBerardino

    11:00 AM on 2018-08-30

    • It seems to me I made an innocent oversight in that it was about recognition without a medal, paper or some other thing.

      In addition for decades now I take issue with the word volunteer a lot.

      I am sure it is for good reason without a doubt in my own mind.

      Ms. Belsito DiBerardino

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