Shaun Majumder not returning to ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’


TORONTO — Shaun Majumder will not be returning to the CBC-TV satirical news program “This Hour Has 22 Minutes.”

In a statement, the Burlington, N.L., native says the move is “due to creative differences” between himself and the Halifax producers.

The actor-comedian adds the decision for his departure was not his.

The public broadcaster has also confirmed Majumder will not be returning for the new season, which begins Sept. 18.

A CBC spokesman adds the network “looks forward to the possibility of working with” Majumder again in the future.

Majumder joined “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” in 2003 and won a Gemini Award for his role on the show in 2006.

“The show has been a Canadian cultural institution which I’ve always felt blessed to be a part of,” Majumder said Monday in a statement.

“Over the years, my love for working on the show has grown, especially with our close-knit ’22 Minutes’ family.”

Majumder praised the entire team involved with the show, adding: “Being surrounded by this family every week is what I will miss most.”

“Thank you to the CBC for an incredible run and to all of fans of ’22 Minutes’ from coast to coast to coast, who have supported the show and all the ridiculous shenanigans I got into while on it,” Majumder said.

“And of course, to all the haters… I love you too because if you didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be doing it right.”

He added that he’s thankful to have been a part of the show and network and that he’s “stoked to explore future creative endeavours.”

Majumder owned a home in Los Angeles during his run on the show and spent years flying to and from the “22 Minutes” studio in Halifax.

His other credits include the American dramas “The Firm,” “24” and “Detroit 187.”

“Given the nature of the industry, it’s not uncommon to make a change with a cast member. In fact, this has happened several times over the years with other cast members on ’22 Minutes,'” Chuck Thompson, head of public affairs at CBC English Services, said Monday in a statement emailed to The Canadian Press.

“Shaun made a huge contribution to the success of the program but after a great run, CBC and DHX Media decided to go in a different direction. That said, CBC looks forward to the possibility of working with Shaun again in the future.”

Victoria Ahearn, The Canadian Press