The Ace Hasn’t Been Caught, yet!


Last Thursday was one of many that saw the George Wellington Esquire Club full of patrons, inside and outside, hoping for their chance at catching the ace.

The ‘Catch the Ace’ event has been going on for weeks.  Every Thursday, a lucky ticket holder wins themselves a small share of the overall pot. Last week’s share? A whopping $20,000!

Not only do they have an extra chunk of change going home with them, but during the same night, they also receive an opportunity to ‘Catch The Ace’ from the Esquire’s board. The board consisted of all 52 cards from a standard playing card deck, and once the Ace of Spades in uncovered, that lucky card player earns the grand prize.

The board only has 8 cards left.

As each week passes and the grand prize has yet to be awarded, both the weekly and grand prize pots have been growing steadily. The grand prize last week for reference: $143,985!

With only a few more chances at the grand prize, each week sees the chances increase to be the grand prize winner!

The Esquire Club is also a proud not- for- profit business in the city, with revenues generated from the ticket sales at ‘Catch The Ace’ event split evenly between Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Group Health Centre Trust Fund.

To get involved yourself, stop by the Esquire Club between 6 and 9 P.M. on Thursday to purchase your tickets. The draw takes place later that night at 9:30 P.M. where there is a guaranteed weekly winner, as well as a 1 in 8 chance that the grand prize is also awarded.

For people planning on attending, the Esquire Club has posted these rules to their facebook page about the event:
1- No parking in mall next door
2- Please use shuttle from United Flooring
3- No limit on tickets $5 each
4- Tickets sell from 6pm-9pm
5- Draw is at 9:30 sharp
6- Watch the draw on Facebook live
7- If your number is drawn (you) have 1/2 hour to report to Club
Have fun and remember it’s all about the charities.