The Rain Didn’t Deter People from Attending the 7th Annual Prince Township Tractor Cruise (Gallery)

Prince Township Tractor Cruise
7th Annual Prince Township Tractor Cruise. Photo by Jacob Moore/SaultOnline

The rainy forecast didn’t stop tractor enthusiasts from coming out to the Prince Township Pavilion on Saturday morning for the seventh annual Tractor cruise.

“We’re just a gathering of tractors – from old tractors, new tractors, anyone who has an interest in tractors, farm equipment – we get together, go for a ride around the township and come back,” said event organizer Mike Reed. “There’s a BBQ, we have the Model Engineering Society here – they have some antique gasoline engines and some model steam engines out on display, and just a gathering of people who enjoy tractors and have fun with them.”

Reed said he and his friends came up with the idea for the cruise back when they were in high school.

“We were going to Boots and Saddles once or twice a year with our tractors, so we wanted to make a bigger event out of it,” he explained. “So we got together, put some flyers out, and Avery’s donated the use of the field next to Boots and Saddles – for six years we did it over there – and just kept growing the event, and get the tractors out and go for a ride. Everyone enjoys it, has fun, it’s really all it’s about.”

This year’s turnout was good, but Reed said each year is different, depending on the weather. Sunnier weekends, he said, tend to have less of a turnout because more people are out at camp.

“But sometimes you get rainy weather, you get more people coming out because they’re not going to camp so they come out to the tractor cruise,” he continued. “It doesn’t matter how many people we get, as long as we have fun.”

He said, although Prince Township is already a tight-knit community, he thinks events like this are a good way to bring people together.

“I think it’s important for the community. And we moved over here this year because we have the new community events pavilion, the beautiful building, so it brings the community together. The township is a tight-knit community – most people know everyone else, you see someone on the road, you wave to them, as they go by in a tractor, you wave – even if you don’t know them, you wave anyways.”

For more information on the Prince Township Tractor Cruise, check them out on Facebook.