The Transformation Begins


Beginning today, naming rights for the City’s event centre, known as the ‘Essar Centre’ will undergo its transformation into ‘GFL Memorial Gardens’. At its May 28, 2018 meeting, Council approved the recommendation from city staff that will see the naming rights of the City’s premier sports and entertainment facility awarded to Green for Life Environmental Inc. (GFL).

“Changes will begin today as part of a phased rollout over the coming weeks,” said Brent
Lamming, Director, Community Services. “Having naming rights means more than a traditional corporate sponsorship. Naming rights provide a valuable opportunity to create a positive association with the City of Sault Ste. Marie through marketing, advertising, hospitality, web site and promotional materials. GFL will have the opportunity to gain local, provincial and national exposure and we are excited to begin this process with our new partners.”

Considered Northern Ontario’s Premier Centre for Sports and Entertainment, the City began
accepting proposals earlier this year from interested parties to secure a corporate sponsor for naming rights. The terms of the agreement for the successful proponent outline that GFL will pay the city $75,000 a year for 10 years in exchange for naming rights. Year one of this agreement has already been paid. In addition, GFL will grant the Centre a 50 percent discount on all waste and recycling containers creating a cost savings for the City.

“For GFL, this is about a sustained community investment and a long-term, continued
relationship with the municipality. GFL has deep roots in Sault Ste. Marie, and we are excited to demonstrate our commitment to our local community like we have done since 2012,” said Chris Dovigi of GFL Environmental Inc.

In the coming weeks, residents can expect to see new signage and branding throughout the
interior and exterior of the building including an illuminated sign erected at the front entrance,
GFL name and logo featured at Centre Ice, GFL name on Soo Greyhound publications and tickets, rink board advertisements featuring GFL and luxury suite branding. A formal unveiling ceremony lead by GFL will take place at a later date.


  1. Am I the only one who is like GFL? The grounds or the Center? Meaning what in reference to the Center?? Because is it just me, or is anyone wondering what ‘GreenForLife’ has to do with a sporting Center?? GreenForLife has nothing to do with Hockey or concerts! Because I still do and forever will call it the memorial gardens. Just saying.

    • Brent CR well IMO, it should be RELEVANT to the town, or to the purpose of the buildings usage. It’s a social building truly! So it should have a name that reps the town, I’d just call it The Sault Center!! Shouldn’t be about money! It should be up to the towns people to vote on since we have to call it the stupid new name and look like morons saying a name that is something so irrelevant to what the use of the place is. That “ Colosseum” is and nor will it EVERRR have anything to with TRASH company, or “greenery” so to name it something like that, will make people who have NEVER BEEN HERE BEFORE, think it is a goddamn green house thing and it’s not a damn flower hut, so again I say; RELEVANCE!!!! Apples and oranges people. But I’m just one person and just one voice.

  2. Finally! This should have been done immediately after Essar almost screwed the city to a standstill and put many jobbers out of business with their smoke and mirrors performance to dupe another town.

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