There’s Relief at the Pumps – And Then There Wasn’t!



Uhm…we spoke a little too soon.

Gas has jumped Back up. It now sits at $1.35 in the city, 2 cents higher than yesterday’s prices.

The staff at hopes you were quick to jump on the low prices.


Prices at most local gas stations yesterday were selling unleaded fuel at $1.33.1 a litre yesterday , this morning, all stations were selling at $1.22 a litre.

Just before the long August civic holiday local prices jumped to a high of $1.38.

Meanwhile, other communities in the north are still dealing with high prices. In Sudbury Ontario, prices this morning were locked at $ 1.33 a litre.

No word on why prices fell in Sault Ste. Marie.

Premier Doug Ford promised a 10 cent a litre drop at the pumps as part of his election campaign. Ford is dropping the carbon tax introduced by the former Liberal government, however the 10 cent drop promised by Ford has still yet to become a reality.


  1. It will only get worse as long as you continue to pay these criminal prices. I don’t know how these gougers can sleep at night they can’t possibly have a conscience. I buy all of my fuel across the river now, everyone should as long as this blatant robbery continues.

  2. They should have to justify how these prices can bounce up and down each day. Then again…they are a monopoly…they can do as they like.Does anyone know the price of a gallon in Soo Michigan?

  3. Fill up your vehicles and all containers that you have as it will be short lived! It is still $5.55 a gallon for regular gasoline, which is ridiculous!

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