Time to kick renegade Tory MP Maxime Bernier out of caucus, Liberal MP urges


OTTAWA — A Liberal MP is urging Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer to kick Maxime Bernier out of caucus following a slew of what he calls “hateful attacks” on Twitter.

Arif Virani, the parliamentary secretary to the minister of heritage, says in a letter to Scheer that Bernier “has to go.”

In the letter, also posted on Twitter, Virani urges Scheer to remove Bernier “immediately” to ensure Canadians don’t come to the conclusion that Scheer accepts his “backward views.”

Virani calls it “extremely troubling” that Scheer did not denounce Bernier’s attack on Canadians after a string of tweets Sunday in which the Beauce MP criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for promoting “more diversity.”

He also makes mention of a Bernier tweet from Tuesday that references Liberal MP Iqra Khalid and a park in Winnipeg named after the founder of Pakistan.

Canada being subjected to “extreme Liberal multiculturalism,” Bernier wrote, comparing the dedication to the decision in Victoria to remove a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald from outside city hall.

“While a statue of our country’s founder is being removed in one city, a park was recently named after Pakistan’s founder in another, in the presence of M-103 Liberal MP sponsor.”

Khalid was the sponsor of a controversial motion in the House of Commons denouncing “Islamophobia,” which quickly became a lightning rod for Opposition MPs who argued the motion represented an attack on freedom of speech.

“Pakistan independence from India led to 1M deaths,” Bernier continued.

Virani accused Bernier of staging “unacceptable” attacks on new Canadians and called multiculturalism “the furthest thing from partisan.”

The Canadian Press