Waiting for the shoe to drop. River Valley homeowners receive grim letter.

Geoff and Jan Good - Outside their home at River Valley Park. They stand to lose everything unless there is an intervention stopping mass evictions.

A registered letter that blind-sided homeowners living in River Valley Park, Aweres unorganized township yesterday, gives little hope for a positive outcome or resolution to the current state of affairs.

As of the publication of this article, there are a number of homeowners that have not yet received the registered letter seen here.

River Valley Park Inc. was in Provincial Court in The Sault in late June, 2018. The court appearance was in relation to charges filed under the Provincial Environmental Protection Act and Ontario Water Resource Act.

Mr. Jasbir Dusanjh showed up to court without a lawyer and without any relevant documentation to prove he was, in fact, the owner of River Valley Park Inc.

On that day, the judge ordered that all documentation be submitted to the court within a timely fashion and that he return  August 22nd, 2018 – ready for court proceedings. Mr. Jasbir Dusanjh told Superior Media, after court, that language is a barrier for him, and he intends to keep RVP open.  

The registered letter homeowners have begun receiving clearly states otherwise. And three months notice may not be enough time legislated under the Landlord Tenant Act.

Under the Landlord Tenant Act there can be up to 12 months notification given to each of the homeowners upon an eviction notice.

Under The Ontario Residential Tenancies Act, landlords are responsible for maintaining a residential complex (such as a mobile home park) in a good state of repair and fit for habitation, and for complying with health, safety, housing and maintenance standards. Tenants who believe that the landlord has breached their responsibilities under the RTA can apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board for a remedy. This could include applying for compensation for costs incurred as a result of the landlord failing to comply with maintenance responsibilities, such as relocation costs.

In fact, recently River Valley Park Inc. was ordered by the Province to undertake badly needed repairs to the roads. The documentation submitted lists Mr. Harjeet Dusanjh as the owner of RVP. If you think that’s confusing, try being one of the homeowners.

Nobody I have spoken with wants to leave River Valley Park.  Abandoning their home is a hill too high to climb.

Imagine if you were given that alternative. There are mortages attached to many of the homes in RVP. I have been shown the inside of several of the homes where substantial renovations and improvements have been made. Even if the homeowners could afford to move their homes- there isn’t anywhere to take them. One homeowner told Saultonline, that she investigated the cost of moving her mobile home – One that has been there since the 1970’s. “It would be a minimum of $12,000 – $20,0000 to pick it up and put it on a boom truck/trailer. And even if it didn’t fall apart, it is $1,000 / per kilometer to take it wherever it’s going.”

Homeowner Lena Dubois told Superior Media that she intends to stay, “Come hell or high water. I am not packing up. Why should I just let them take my home. If they want me out then they can pay me what it’s worth.” Dubois recently had her home appraised and its’ value is in excess of $45,000. She also has dogs and a cat that would need to find refuge. To that point, there are a number of homeowners who have pets.

Dubois is hoping that the provincial or federal government or a private lender will intervene to save RVP from an owner that has been “absent and incredulous.”

The N13 Form required by provincial legislation under the Landlord and Tenant Board states the following:
‘The termination date the landlord sets out in this notice must be at least
120 days after the landlord gives you the notice.
Exception: If you live in a mobile home park or land lease community and you own the mobile home or land lease home, the termination date must be at least 1 year after the landlord gave you this notice.

Further to the provisions made with respect to Mobile Home Park, each homeowner should be given a separate N13 Form at roughly a total cost of $6,000 to be paid by RVP Inc. and registered with the province.

Superior Media has not been able to reach Mr. Dusanjh to inquire as to whether any paperwork has been filed with the Province of Ontario with respect to the recent eviction letters making their way through River Valley Park.

Superior Media will continue to share updates as they become available.



  1. These owners are surely intelligent enough to know that they need a lawyer at this point. It’s time to push back or be walked upon and lose everything.

  2. Being mobile home owners these people have a year to get their affairs in order. Now it’s time for a class action law suit. This deadbeat owner thinks he can do whatever he wants. This is far from the case, the residents need to show him by making his life hell for a change.

  3. Warren, to me it sounds like the present owner enjoyed collecting the monthly rents and did nothing to keep the Park maintained. Good article Lynne. You are tenacious, keep on it for these people.

  4. Sounds like the current owner got shafted by the last and doesn’t have deep enough pockets to clean up the mess…nor the ability to charge residents for the improvements

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