Yes – It’s true. Catch the Ace Still in Play.


The line-up of people started early again this afternoon as folks pulled out their favourite lawn chair and waited along the sidewalk on Second Line, the patio, club and general vicinity of George Wellington Esquire Club to buy tickets on the ‘Catch The Ace’ fundraiser. There is a real community of hopeful citizens growing in numbers each week.

And as those numbers increase, so too does the Progressive Jackpot. As it sits tonight, that number is $370,702.50

The Ace of Spades is proving elusive. As hundreds of patrons held their breath, the lucky number was called at 9:30 pm.

Lucky ticket holder Don Carter did not reveal the Ace of Spades, but he did take home the nights’ jackpot, which was a cool $54,356.000.


There are only 5 envelopes left. The Esquire Club is continuing to raise funds for local charities through ‘Catch the Ace’ as crowds of hopeful citizens dream for one more week of pulling the Ace of Spades. It’s down to a 1 in 5 chance if you’re ticket number is called.

ONNtv will be back at the Esquire Club next Thursday.



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