Algoma District ETFO President Talks Sex Ed Curriculum


Yesterday, a union representing teachers in Ontario filed a legal injunction against the Ford Government’s Sex Education Curriculum claiming it doesn’t fit what children in Ontario need in 2018.

ONN TV’s Lou-Anne Young spoke to Algoma District Elementary Teachers’ Federation President Lee Mason about his union’s position.


  1. When you look at the mess of education in Ontario and then see that more this sex ed. crap is more important than math, reading, writing and reading, it clearly illustrates that the teachers are completely out to lunch on this one. I sure as hell do not need my kids being taught or influenced by dysfunctional educators that are trying to ram this Liberal bullcrap curriculum down the throats of our kids. Parents need to be the primary persons teaching sex ed. to their kids. This is nothing but teachers pandering to anyone who wants to be gay, trans, or whatever other bullcrap things they can think of. You can be a man or a woman in this world. Anyone who wants to be a tree, a cow, a transgendered pre op post op, implanted , trnsmutatant or martian, go for it and leave the rest of us alone. Parents need to read the Ontario Educational Act to learn about what the duties and responsibilities of all teachers are in the classroom.

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