An Open letter to MPP Romano. “We live in a Constitutional Democracy”

The Ontario Legislature at Queen's Park. Toronto, Ontario

Dear Mr. Romano,

I am appalled by the arrogance and ignorance displayed by the Premier of Ontario in his petulant display over the recent Ontario Superior Court ruling. You are a lawyer. Please inform your leader that we live in a CONSTITUTIONAL democracy, not a Doug Ford version of democracy. We in Canada value and abide by the rulings of our judicial systems. And surely Mr. Ford should know that Ontario Superior Court Justices are appointed by the federal government. Judge Edward P. Belobaba was not appointed by Dalton McGuinty! Premier Ford’s entire response to the Supreme Court ruling has insulted Judge Belobaba. The court ruling, which is in accordance with our Constitution, is not “scary” or ‘disturbing” as Mr. Ford describes it!

I am concerned that Premier Ford assumes he speaks for most Ontarians. He does not! He does not have a mandate on this issue. How can he take the extraordinary step to invoke the notwithstanding clause over the issue of Toronto’s municipal governance? The notwithstanding clause has never been invoked in Ontario! It is intended for far more critical issues. Mr. Ford is wrong to override the constitution. He is wrong to trample on people’s charter rights. He says he respects the courts. If so, he should allow the Courts to decide an appeal. Is Mr. Ford is carrying out a childish vendetta stemming from his time in Toronto municipal politics? He is certainly drawing all of Ontario into his immature machinations and putting the charter rights of all of us in jeopardy.

Mr. Romano, you are my provincial representative and you are a part of the governing party. You are a lawyer. I am baffled at your support for Mr. Ford. Mr. Ford is wrong to override the constitution. Is our premier planning to over rule any court decision he does not like? There have been many serious issues over the last few months. Your constituents have not heard anything from you Mr. Romano. Surely you have something to say on this matter?

I am very disappointed in Mr. Ford. Ontarians deserve a competent premier, one who is not an imitation of our southern neighbour’s shameful leader.

Marie DellaVedova,
Sault Ste. Marie


  1. Go dougie go!!this was your mandate, the people voted you in on your promises which you are fulfilling,use whatever means are at your disposal you didnt create them but you can use them, the majority are with you!!!!!

  2. Well said Marie!! Exactly how I feel. I hope you sent a copy of this letter directly to Mr Romano. If he’s an honest politician, he’ll respond to your letter. IF he does respond, I’d love to know what he has to say.

  3. You are correct Marie. Ford is a self serving man who is doing what he can to get back at Toronto city council. The right thing to do would have been to make this move AFTER the election…not in the middle of a campaign.The charter is not Fords to abuse.
    As to Mr. like most will not hear much from him until the next election when he claims once again that he knocks on every door in Sault Ste. Marie.

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