“Bienvenue!”; Boreal French Immersion Public School Opens its Doors


The auditorium was packed with excited school board members and Saultities on Tuesday at Boreal French Immersion Public School’s open house and ribbon cutting ceremony.

This $16.5 million remodel of the former Alexander Henry High School was opened as a result of over-enrollment at F.H. Clergue French Immersion, and took approximately five years to come to fruition. Between both ADSB french immersion schools, there are approximately 1,000 students enrolled currently.

The school also offers a day care, which will open after Thanksgiving weekend.

Principal Carrie Vaz told SaultOnline she was involved in some of the planning process, from an administrative point of view, giving a school-based perspective on aspects such as safety and what she describes as the “exciting, innovative learning spaces.”

“It’s very exciting,” Vaz said, describing how it feels to finally be open.

Although the process was well under way when she became a part of it, Vaz said one of the highlights for her was seeing the faces of the staff, students and parents as they entered the building for the first time.

“I think that was absolutely the highlight for me – just seeing the excitement from our community,” she explained.

She said she thinks opening the second “dynamic learning space” for French immersion students is an important way to allow new members the opportunity to join the French immersion community.

“We’re really excited to have all of our JK to Gr. 8 students under one roof and to really be able to celebrate the families in this new learning space,” she said.

She also said she thinks it’s important to encourage students to become fluent in French as it opens many doors for future careers, some of which may not even exist yet.

Students who graduate from the French immersion public schools then attend the immersion program at Superior Heights High School, Vaz explained.

Currently, Boreal has 450 students enrolled.

For more information on Boreal, click here.


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