Collision at Second Line and Goulais Ave


A collision occurred this morning at the corner of Second Line and Goulais Avenue.

As you can see by the pictures, it appears someone was lying on the ground.  At this point, we don’t have any information on any injuries or any further details.

Police and ambulance officials were on the scene. will have more on this story as details become available.



  1. Absolutely no need to post photos of accident victims in distress, let alone the bystanders who may also not care to have their photos posted publicly. If you must report accidents a text only version would suffice. Posting photos of injured people is in no way necessary and it is irresponsible.
    Would you or your loved ones like photos of you posted on the front page after being freshly injured?

    • I fully agree. Showing pictures of people already in distress does NOTHING to enhance the story. Less pictures…more written dialogue please. It is all too easy to snap a photo and let it speak for itself…..but not appreciated by victims and bystanders.

    • Agree 110%. Remove the unnecessary photos of the injured victims and bystanders and don’t post them any more. If you want to post pictures of crunched vehicles knock yourself out.

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