Colts Closet Open for Students


Korah Collegiate & Vocational School will feature Colts Closet once again this year, supplying in-need students with free clothing, hygiene items, and other essentials that are pertinent to a healthy school experience.

Korah is proud to support all of their students to ensure that they have a positive experience during their high school years. Colts Closet is located inside Korah and available to all Korah students during school hours. Its use is confidential.

“Our student senate came up with the idea.” said Ms. Barbeau, vice principal at Korah C&VS and one of the teacher leads on the project. “Feedback on Colts Closet so far is amazing… we certainly understand it’s a great resource for some of our most vulnerable kids.”

This is the second year of the initiative. A Speak-Up grant was awarded last year and has allowed the senate to secure funds for display shelving and storage for the donated items. It has helped students see what is available and take what they need.

“It feels really great to be a part of something where colts are helping colts. We’re all a big family and its’s amazing to be able to help the members of our family who need it.” said Jenna Vechhio a student at Korah and member of the Korah’s Student Senate.

Korah is accepting donations of school-appropriate clothing, personal hygiene products, and even shelf safe food. Donations can be made at the Korah Collegiate office located at 636 Goulais Ave.

This announcement is brought to you by the students within the Business Social Media (BSM) class at Korah. The BSM class teaches students about how to use social media to promote a business.

You can follow the BSM class and learn about some of the other awesome and amazing things that happen at Korah by following us on Facebook (@korahBSM) and Instagram (@korahcvs).

For more information on Colts Closet or the BSM class please contact Ms. Barbeau at (705) 945-7180 or Mrs. Hay at [email protected].

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