Corey Gardi: Hub Trail Should Be Extended West


Today, Corey Gardi, candidate for City Council in Ward 5, stated that if elected he is
committed to extending the Hub Trail further west to connect parts of Ward 5 with other parts of the city.

“The Hub Trail is one of the best projects that our community ever initiated. It is a beautiful part of our city, and I believe we should extend it further west beyond Carmen’s Way so residents of the west end have better access to it,” stated Gardi.

The Hub Trail connects many of our community’s neighbourhoods – predominantly in the east
end and those more centrally located, it includes many historically and culturally significant
parts of the city.

“It is important that west end neighbourhoods including Bay View, Brookfield and Broadview
Gardens are connected to the rest of the community, and extending the Hub Trail would
accomplish this,” said Gardi. Further, “the broader community would be able to explore and
learn more about our city’s west end, while residents of these areas would benefit from the
Hub Trail as others have over the past several years.”


  1. I agree with Winona. Fix the issues we have first… then try to make the city better. I personally would never use the hub trail going through bayview (anyone that sees the issues with our city knows how that would go).
    I also think the hub trail is very accessible as it is. I am not against the idea of bettering our city- but we need improvement in other areas first.

    I am wondering if you will be around to talk to your neighbours the way your grandfather did Corey… I’m sure everyone has ideas that may help you.

  2. Can do a separate loop around Brookfield creek from Second Line and Base Line, bhind St.Francis school, across Wallace Terrace and Allen’s Side Road. Add a few benches and leave as packed dirt trail, for now. We have walked it before. Nice trail, nature setting, but need some spots to rest, destinated areas to cross and signage of distance. Eventually can tie into Hub Trail.

  3. I believe the idea of this plan is great, however, we have current infrastructure that needs to be addressed and a real look at what projects have been done to date. We need to stop and review. We need to ask ourselves “What went well, what did not and what could we do differently?” before we plow ahead with more projects. Our roads, culverts and various other pressing issues and concerns of this community that remain outstanding need to be addressed first.

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