Dang. That’s not good.


A rear-end collision took place earlier today on Black Rd near the junture at Second Line.  The driver of the Nissan Ultima walked away without serious injuries after he was rear-ended by a McDougall Energy truck around 3:30 this afternoon. Both vehicles were southbound on Black Rd.

Police were on scene to get traffic slowly moving around 3:50 pm – allowing for one lane only.

Black Road is closed between Third Line and Second Line for road work, so there was no traffic trying to join the fray heading south on Black Rd.

Sault Fire fighters were on scene, and used an absorbent material to clean up fluid that was leaking from the McDougall Energy truck. There was a strong smell of diesel or gasoline in the air immediately around the accident scene.

The driver of the Nissan Ultima told Saultonline that he had stopped for a school bus when he was hit from behind.



  1. Typical for this ramp… Traffic from 2nd line think they have the right of way… When it IS a YIELD. to traffic on Black Rd. The same issue at McNabb and Black Road.. Traffic whip around the bend with intent of pushing there way onto black rd.

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