Downtown Association Seeks Directors


The Sault Ste Marie Downtown Association (DTA) continues to make progress in improving our city core. From throwing Street Parties and other events that attract people to the downtown, to seeking meaningful feedback and insights from business owners and tenants, the Downtown Association works hard to improve an essential part of our city.

If you want to play a significant role in what you see happening in our downtown core, take note that nominations for the DTA Board of Directors will commence on the third Monday of September.

Nominations will be accepted from September 17th to October 15th and voting day will be held on November 19th, 2018.

After Downtown Association members have voted and ballots have been counted, the Sault Ste. Marie Downtown Association will welcome nine Board Members. Eight positions on the Board will be elected, and one position is held by a member of council that is appointed directly from the municipality.  Each board member will hold their positions until December 1st, 2022.

Although voting is restricted to DTA members, you do not have to be a property owner or tenant to be nominated to the Board of Directors.

If you are committed to improving the quality of Sault Ste. Marie’s downtown, and want to know how to submit a nomination, here is the link:  nomination form  Board members play a valuable part in making our downtown a great, economically-viable place to operate a business, advocate for advanced physical improvements of our area, and lobby on behalf of downtown businesses on decisions that affect the downtown climate.

For further information about the Sault Ste Marie Downtown Association or the Elections please contact: 705-942-2919 or [email protected]