Eddie drew the Queen of Diamonds. Ace of Spades still in Play.


Sault Police (SSMPS) have been supporting the charitable efforts taking place at the George Wellington Esquire Club on Thursdays by controlling traffic in the immediate vicinity of the Club along Second Line. The Esquire Club line-up of hopeful ticket buyers has a life of its own.

photo by Superior Media staff – taken at approx. 5:00 pm, Sept. 13th.

Today, the SSMPS had Second Line down to two lanes in front of the Esquire Club. At 5 pm, the line-up of hopeful ticket buyers stretched as far east to Rexall (second line)- south down to Estelle and then heading west down Estelle to Patrick Street(s). Wow.

The Esquire Club is in the latter part of a mammoth fundraising effort for local charities. Each week a lucky ticket holder has the chance to select a card from the locked cabinet just inside the Club’s front doors. The contents of the envelope are from a standard deck of playing cards. But it’s the Ace of Spades that draws people back week after week. Only the Ace of Spades can stop the game.

A gentleman named Eddie – who has been purchasing tickets since the first week ‘Catch the Ace’ started, drew the Queen of Diamonds tonight. Yeppers – the Ace of Spades is still in play. It’s another week of hopeful dreaming for hundreds of sault citizens who come out to support the amazing effort by the Braido’s and the staff at Esquire Club.

Eddie won a substantial amount –  $78,213.00 in the nights’ jackpot.

The progressive jackpot sits at a staggering $564,927.00. There are now only three cards left inside that cabinet at the Esquire.

Just over $940,000 has been raised to date for local charities, specifically, The Big Brothers/ Big Sisters organization as well as the Group Health Centre Trust.

Each week  the line-ups keep growing and growing. Will you be in the line next Thursday? It’s a 1 in three shot. ONNtv has been there since the beginning – and we will be back on the 20th.