Fall 2018: Early winter or strong summer comeback?


After a hot summer, most Canadians have already experienced an early taste of autumnal weather. Does this mean an early winter is in the cards, or will summer weather make a strong comeback like it did last year?

Visit the Weather Network’s Complete Guide to Fall 2018  for an in depth look at the Fall Forecast, tips to plan for it and much more

The Weather Network has released their fall forecast for the end of September as well as for the months of October and November. We have also released our preliminary forecast for winter and a look ahead at the remainder of the hurricane season.

“Autumn is a tumultuous season, famous for wild temperature swings and powerful fall storms,” said Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist at The Weather Network. “Of course, this fall will include both, but overall we expect a less active and less tumultuous pattern than normal. This means we’ll experience a more gentle slide rather than a freefall, as we make the inevitable transition from summer to winter.”

Most Canadians can expect a mild fall with near normal or above normal temperatures for nearly all of Canada except for parts of Nunavut, northern Quebec and Labrador. The warmest weather relative to normal is expected from the Maritimes to Southern Ontario and across the far western side of the country including B.C., parts of Alberta and the Yukon. In between the back for swings in temperature that are typical of the season should come close to offsetting each other.