Kemal Martinovic Speaks Up About Taxes, Campaign Issues


Kemal Martinovic visited the ONNtv studio today to talk about his campaign, and key issues such as the privatization of garbage collection, the labour dispute for the city’s cladding project, and – of course – taxes.

Martinovic also sent the following release to SaultOnline regarding his platform.

“For lower taxes, better roads, and better bus service vote Kemal Martinovic for mayor.

If elected Mayor on October 22nd I, Kemal Martinovic, cannot promise you that city council meetings will run as smoothly, but I can promise you that your taxes will be lower.

As mayor of Sault Ste. Marie I will lower your taxes by rolling back wages and salaries of all unionized and non-unionized city employees and staff to January 2015 levels in the 2019 contract negotiations.

This will reduce city spending by approximately $6 million dollars a year, and no services will be cut.

That’s millions of dollars in tax reductions for us homeowners, business owners, and renters.

I’ll also use some of the savings to hire more workers to do extra work on important things like road repair and creating a bus system that actually works for people.

For lower taxes, better roads, and better bus service vote Martinovic for Mayor.”


  1. People seem to forget that City employees and staff are also taxpayers, homeowners, business owners and renters! Majority of unionized workers are already working at lower wages than other like municipalities! Only Management was able to compare their wages with other like municipalities!

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