Local Students Raise Their Collective Voices


High school students across the province walked out of class on Friday afternoon in protest of the PC government’s repeals to the sex ed. curriculum.

ONNtv went to local high schools to talk to protesters about why it’s important to them.

Watch the clip above for more.

Stay tuned to SaultOnline for the full video.


  1. It’s not up to the self appointed saviours of society,(teachers of young children), to assume the role of parents or mentors of life, we only agreed to send our children to these buildings to be literate and learn basic things like math and history, I personally don’t ever want someone else deciding that I didn’t teach my child soon enough about sex and it’s important function in society. Never ever agreed to give the reighns over to an agenda driven faculty of a mandatory attendance child(future citizen) indoctrination center. I don’t agree with most of what they believe. I don’t have to. Free country ,, remember…

  2. Though glad to see action in posts I do not have time to read any of them.

    No insult meant in the least to anyone without any doubt in my mind.

    It deeply saddens me to see generational ways of disagreement continue in the public sense in respect to PUBLIC ISSUES.

    It is though very much in my political analysis a clear confirmation of unresolved PERSONAL ISSUES not only in Soo, Ontario, Canada. Nor only amidst far too many teens.

    • Clarification
      I mean generational wrong ways of wrong disagreement.

      My communication is for no wrong motive or purpose without any doubt in my mind.

      My sincere goodwill in the true sense to all.

      • Oh dear me !

        In the hurry, a pace I hate I just realize another innocent oversight.

        I meant ” generational wrong ways of disagreement ” .

    • Queenb Turcotte why would you feel that proper sex ed teachings are meaningless? For children who come from family lifestyles who don’t discuss sex ed in home, where are they suppose to learn proper information on reproductive anatomy? How do they learn the risks involved in sexual activities (STD’s, Aids, etc). How do our young ladies learn more about ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer ans other issues females face? How do our young men and women learn how to properly use birth control methods? How do our teens get info on the resources available to them if they were to find themselves infected with a STD, pregnancy or lord forbid the needs of those who may be raped? How do the kids in this generation who are part of the LGTBQ community learn the information they need to be safe in their sexual endevours?
      To say that this is meaningless only shows a big lack in understanding of what sex ed is actually for. Sex ed has nothing to do with condoning sexual activities nor is it focused on simply having sex. Sex ed provides many areas of information on male and female reproductive anatomy as well such as self check exams for males and females.
      Sex ed is not here to tell our children not to have sex, it’s to give them the best information for risks in case they decided too. If sex ed classes refuses to adjust their teachings to the current times, then they’re not helpeful. This kids who walked out in protest have courage to say that if they’re being taught, they want ALL of the informarion be it they’re male, female, straight, gay, lesbian etc.
      Fyi… There’s always been high teenage pregancies. Of course it’s higher now then 20, 30, 40 years ago… The population has grown.
      By your comments, I think these kids and the teachers you refer to could teach you a few things also.

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