ONNtv and Sault Ratepayers Host First Mayoral Debate LIVE

Civic Centre

ONNtv and the Sault Association of Ratepayers announce the first Mayoral debate to be staged at Superior Heights October 2. All Mayoral candidates have agreed to appear and take part.

ONNtv will broadcast the debate live at 7pm.  Residents are invited to be part of the studio audience. Doors open at 6:30pm

Ratepayer member, Bill Murphy appeared earlier today ONNtv “Top Story” To discuss the ratepayer association and the ONNtv debate .

Sault Ratepayers will endeavor to present topics in a neutral, clear and concise manner, with very little preamble. They will focus on, but not limited to the following general topics outlined in the Municipal Councilor’s Guide 2014

• Accountability and Transparency
• Core Services
• Taxation
• Infrastructure
Candidates and public are invited to submit topics they wish to raise in the debate.

The candidates will be provided with a lecture stand, on the stage, from which they will have full access to roam as wireless microphones will be provided to address the panel, the audience and the video cameras.

Candidates will have a 1 minute opportunity to introduce themselves. The order of address will be drawn by lots (1, 2, 3, and 4) with #1 addressing the assembly first. Closing remarks will be for two minutes with the address being based on the original draw in this order (2.4, 1, and 3).

Questions / Topics to discuss will be posed directly to a candidate in a rotating fashion. That candidate can have 3 minutes to remark on the question/topic. Each of the other candidates will have 2 minutes to address the issue. A 20 second bell will give notice of time. The moderator will have final discretion on the progress of discussion.
After the debate, you are invited to meet separately with constituents at your display table.

ONNtv will also be producing Ward Debates. Those dates are yet to be announced.