Policy barring non-permanent families from Canada Child Benefit unfair: report


OTTAWA — A new report out today is calling on the federal government to reverse a policy that prevents non-permanent resident families living in Canada, including irregular migrants, from receiving the Canada Child Benefit.

Poverty advocates say this policy is discriminatory and is “glaringly inconsistent” with Canada’s international obligations to protect human rights.

The report estimates roughly 3,000 families are excluded from the Canada Child Benefit based on their immigration status. These include families in which parents do not have permanent status or who are still awaiting the outcome of their refugee claims.

The report says a far higher proportion of non-permanent residents are living in poverty than the general population.

The report also says non-permanent residents are required to pay income tax, but do not qualify for this benefit.

Anita Khanna of Campaign 2000 calls this policy unfair and says it negatively affects the livelihoods and future outcomes of these families.

The Canadian Press