Provenzano officially launches campaign for 2nd term in Mayor’s seat.


Incumbent, Christian Provenzano officially launched his campaign to continue as The Sault’s Mayor Wednesday evening. His campaign launch, held at Outspoken Brewing, saw a fairly substantial crowd gather as he shared highlights from his first term in the mayor’s seat, thanked his growing family, and looked to the future of Sault Ste. Marie as a challenge he would like to continue endeavouring to shape.

Provenzano’s wife Kyleigh and the couple’s two daughters, Chloe (10 months) and Isla (2 1/2 years) were there to cheer him on along with Ann and Frank, his parents. Reflecting on the support he has enjoyed from family and friends, the mayor said, “Without your support, I would bot be standing here –  running for this position again.”

He also acknowledged Steve Butland and Susan Myers as two members of city council he grew to admire and consult with. Both were in attendance for the campaign kick-off. So too, was (former) MP Ron Irwin, who Provenzano says he turns to as a mentor. Ron Irwin was first elected to the House of Commons of Canada in the 1980 federal election as a Liberal  MP for Sault Ste. Marie. He served as parliamentary secretary to Jean Chrétien while the latter was Justice Minister. Irwin was defeated in the 1984 election but returned to Parliament in the 1993 election.

Provenzano stated that during his first term, there was much to tackle, not the least of which was Essar Steel (now Algoma) and the ramifications the tax issue had for the community.

Provenzano shared a list of accomplishments and challenges over the last four years.  Included were issues that he led Council through, or worked as Mayor to undertake as goals for his vision of community. Mentioned during his speech was, OLG modernization, oil prices falling and the challenge that created locally, Tenaris Algoma Tubes lay-offs, First Nations consultations on several projects, the Mayor’s Youth Advisory, Gore Street development and revitalization, The Pump Track, a comprehensive Code of Conduct for Council, Immigration Strategy, Sault Area Hospital angioplasty suite (Cardiac Angiography),  the Finn Resthome and VanDaele Long-term care beds approved, a vacancy management plan, the freezing of honorariums for mayor and council, LED streetlights, transit, fire master plan, Future SSM strategic plan, smart city strategy, the splash pad, Energy Storage, Algoma Steel in a positive position moving forward, and NORONT Resources Inc. bid for the ferrochrome smelting plant.

Provenzano stated that “honest, factual and sincere’ are two requirements for members of his campaign team.

He closed his speech, saying that he hopes to lead the Sault as Mayor for a second term, “By continuing to build a better community with a bright future.”

The 2018 municipal elections in Ontario will be held on October 22, 2018. Voters in the province of Ontario will elect mayors, councillors, school board trustees and all other elected officials in all of the province’s municipalities.

Provenzano was first elected to the Office of Mayor in October 2014.


  1. we need a new mayor one who will go out ,, meet the people .. talk to them ,, , not go around and tell us hes had no clue about drugs ,, in our Soo ,, when actualy its all over the City , WAIT TILL ITS VOTING TIME THEN EVERY STREET ARE TORN APART , ,, , THINKING HE COULD GET OUR VOTES ,, ,, I DONT THINK SO , , our City Hall people should all get off there derriere , and get out and go to all the places where , most of the poor are ,, ,, ,,VISIT THE SOUP KITCHEN ,, STE VINCENT , AND MANY MORE ,, , AND ASK WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT ,, ,, DONT HIDE BEHIND THERE DESK ,

  2. It is time for Provenzano to go but there is only one worthy competitor and I’m not sure there is enough faith in Ring to make it happen for him. Typical for a little hamlet like the Sault.

    • Hamlet ?

      The population is not that range and in my understanding there are no churches or other kinds of religious corporate operations that is part of what constitutes the meaning of a hamlet.

  3. He seems to have left out a few other of his accomplishments. The back room meetings and lies that led to the cuts to the Fire Department that did and still put Citizens at risk, eliminating city run Day care, in which 45 employees lost their jobs, closing the East end Library, or, preventing anyone who tried to voice concerns against City Hall to speak publicly at Council Meetings. These are what the people of this City should really remember. I know I do, and many others do too.

    • J.P. You are so right. It’s funny how the present council never even mentions the fire service anymore. The Dillon Group put out a massive report, listing a large number of recommendations to correct those risks. What have we heard since then, in regards to actual facts that state what the city has done to institute some or any of those recommendations? More secrets? I for one, would like to hear a report from this council, before the election, on what they have done to repair all the damages they created in our fire service. The other thing we have never heard, is so much as an attempt at an apology from the present city council, on how they were duped, and failed to listen to the Firefighters and the citizens of Sault Ste Marie. When candidates knock on your door, ask them some of these questions.

      • SafeCity. Don’ forget about the Fire Underwriters Survey that the City paid for at the same time as the Dillon Group report. What ever happened to that one. Probably states that what Mayor and Council are doing to the Fire Department is dangerous and irresponsible. Would like to see Councilors looking to get re-elected address this at the next Council meeting, but I doubt that will happen because our “transparent” Mayor will keep buried too.

          • The Fire Underwriters Survey is a survey that gives a City its insurance rating as to its ability to fight fires. The worse your rating the higher your insurance premiums will be. Sudbury City Council had a presentation from them in June of 2017. Very interesting to watch. a highlight is when the representative from the Fire underwriters makes the comment “close a Fire Hall and see what happens to your insurance rates”, and that is just what our City is planning on doing. They won’t present it to Council because it will show that their plans to the Fire Department will increase insurance costs for everyone in the City.

  4. If it were not for the history that I do have with the Provenzano clan going back to my childhood,I would definitely be asserting what I know is going on within the politics of this City and District.

      • I have and am doing more than anyone I know to get needed issues addressed through over three decades here in the Soo.

        I really am not bragging or looking at all for some medal.

        I paid and still do in some respects pay a hefty cost for no good reason .

        It is not me that is part of the corruption of this City of which there is way too much not because I think the rest of the World has some perfect area of inhabitants.

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