Ring Talks Taxes and Job Development


Mayoralty candidate Rory Ring insists that the residents of Sault Ste Marie pay too much property tax and he wants to do something about it. Ring spoke to Riley Smith about his plans should he become the next Mayor of Sault Ste Marie.


  1. Hard pass on this candidate. All talk, no substance, and throws out Trump/Ford-esque talking points. This being after a number of the “facts” he has stated have been easily verifiable as false.

    And tell me, Mr. Ring – for all your populist rambling about “Sault Ste. Marie first” and preference for local contracts, how long have you lived here?

    You are a snake oil salesman and have no place in city hall. I hope voters continue to agree, as polling suggests they do, not to give you a chance to run our city into the ground as you have the Chamber of Commerce.

    • Sounds a lot like a certain Mayor and his brother who promised to find $1 Billion in savings by finding efficencies, then hiered a high priced auditor who came back and said there is no where near that amount to be found

  2. “Wants to do do something about it” and “Can do something about it” are two different things. What is going to suffer if he cuts or freezes taxes? The city is already decades behind on infrastructure renewal, the roads are in brutal condition and worsening by the day. I’m afraid he is just another dreamer. Tell us how you are going to accomplish this and other things that you “promise to do” without any cuts to what is already suffering?

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